Creator’s Cradle Circuit

The transnational mobile festival Creators’ Cradle Circuit (3Cs) is an artistic challenge to explore the meaning of Asia in the new era of the borderless global society. In this festival platform, emerging performance artists and curators from Southeast Asia and Japan will move across different Asian cities and incubate their original works to explore a new relationship in contemporary performing arts and communities based on their research through direct meeting and discussion with the communities based on their research through direct meeting and discussion with the community members in each region. This artistic practices and processes will be widely shared as Work In Progress in multilingual media with diverse audiences to make art more accessible to who want to engage with the art through fresh lenses and experience the work that resonate with the local community. This transnational mobile festival shapes its mobility to discover new perspectives, experiment with dynamic methods, and push the boundaries of art-making for the sustainability and longevity of the next generation of Asia performing arts.

PHASE 01: Initiative

In 2018, we traveled Solo (Indonesia) and Manila (Philippines) to introduced a plan to implement the Creators’ Cradle Circuit (3Cs) and explore conversations on the current challenges producers and art practitioners encounter, the shifts and multiplicity required in practice, and the the responsibilities involved as producers and art managers grow into their role and further develop the arts and cultural sector - through the relationship between artists , cultural institutions, and engagement with various communities.


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Indonesian Version

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